Year of birth: 1964

Location: Brisbane, Australia

Job: Currently I am a ‘lady of leisure’. Previously, I worked as a policy officer for both State and Federal Governments.

Hobbies: Reading, travel, and spending time with my adult children

Diabetes since: 1969

Previous form of therapy: 1 insulin injection per day for 4 years (pork insulin) > 2 injections per day for another 4 years (Ultralente insulin and Rapitard insulin) > 4 injections per day for 1 year (Actrapid) > 2 years of original pump (similar to Mill Hill Infuser, but custom-made by engineers) > Graseby Syringe Pump for 17 years > MDI for 2 years > a variety of pumps (Medtronic, Deltec Cozmo, Animas, Accu-Chek) > mylife YpsoPump

Diabetes products: mylife YpsoPump, Abbott FreeStyle Libre 

His credo

Will it matter in 5 years? If the answer is no, forget it. Life's too short to be worried constantly.


The following blog posts by Neil were commissioned by Ypsomed, as part of a patient education series on the mylife YpsoPump. He began trialling the mylife YpsoPump in October 2018. This blog series chronicles his initial and ongoing experiences with the mylife YpsoPump.

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