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My journey with diabetes

Hello! My name is Rose, and I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes last year. I had been feeling sick and wasn’t eating much so it was good to finally find out why. Although I was only eight years old at the time, I have quickly learnt all about diabetes and how I can look after myself to stay healthy.

When I am at school, I have a special watch that shows my glucose levels. My parents and teacher can also check my levels on their phones through an app that is connected to my sensor, which is pretty clever!

All my friends and teachers are very understanding and always there to help me when I am not quite feeling myself. They know that if my blood sugar levels are too high, I can get headaches that make it hard for me to think clearly, and if they are too low, I can feel lightheaded and shaky.

Why I chose the mylife YpsoPump

Rose, one of Ypsomed Australia's bloggers

Earlier this year, I went on a type 1 diabetes camp where I made some friends who were all using insulin pumps instead of needles. The pumps seemed great because they allowed them to bolus when they were eating, instead of having to fiddle with injections throughout the day. Even though injections do not scare me, this is something that I thought was pretty cool.

I first saw the mylife YpsoPump at a diabetes expo and compared it to some other pumps on display. I chose the mylife YpsoPump because I loved its simple touchscreen and small size – it looks really nice!

What I love about my YpsoPump

Since going on the mylife YpsoPump, I have found managing my diabetes so much easier. I love how simple the pump is to use. It allows me to easily bolus myself without the hassle of annoying injections. At school, before I had the pump, I would only bolus at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, so if my glucose levels were too high, I would have to wait until lunchtime.

With the mylife YpsoPump, I can increase or pause my basal if my sugar level is too low, which is awesome. I can now join in with school activities and not miss out on games with my friends. I find the cannula that comes with the mylife YpsoPump really easy to use and when the insulin goes in, I cannot feel a thing! I now have nothing to be worried about when it comes to managing my sugar levels.

Probably one of the best things about the mylife YpsoPump is its super-small size. It is so small and light, meaning I can still take part in school activities and games with my friends without worrying about a pump getting in the way. I can go to parties and keep it tucked away and no one even notices it is there. I also think it looks really cool and sleek ­– all my friends are impressed with it!

My advice to others

If you are thinking of trying the mylife YpsoPump, I would say you should give it a go! It is way easier than injections and lets you still be yourself and have fun. It has helped me live my life like my friends and my mum can trust that my diabetes will be under control.

Having type 1 diabetes does not need to stop you from doing what you want to do and the mylife YpsoPump might be able to help you!

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