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A busy worker’s perspective

I am a shift worker and have had Type 1 diabetes since the age of six. My lifestyle is incredibly busy – I am constantly rushing around and have a very unpredictable schedule. I often work long 12–14 hour shifts where I do not have the chance to sit down and have a break, let alone eat. This can be mentally and physically demanding, especially when you throw diabetes management and hypoglycaemia into the mix.

One step ahead of diabetes

mylife YpsoPump and mylife Unio

I have always taken the view that diabetes has to fit around my life, rather than my life around diabetes. This means being one step ahead of diabetes, if possible. Managing it has become second nature to me and I cannot remember a time when I did not need to monitor my glucose levels, which, in a way, has made the challenges I face with diabetes easier to cope with. I like to think of diabetes management as a game, not a burden. And I have to say that my greatest ally in that game is my insulin pump: the mylife YpsoPump.

A small and discreet pump

My endocrinologist first offered me the chance to go on the YpsoPump last year, and since doing so, I have not looked back. Not only is it small and discreet, but it makes things so much quicker and easier when I am at work ­– I can literally bolus while walking to the car, which is fantastic. The pump is so tiny that I often forget it is even there. I can be in any workplace setting and not worry about the pump at all, which is a godsend!

Simple menus and intuitive controls

My journey with the YpsoPump has been made a lot easier by the customer service I have received from Ypsomed. Everyone was so helpful when I called up about a battery issue, and you can just contact them if you need a new clip or inserter (for free!). The rep even came to my house to show me how it works, which was great, and I found the interface really easy to get the hang of – it has delightfully simple menus and intuitive controls.

Join our community

If you are considering the mylife YpsoPump, I would encourage you to read as much as you can about it, watch the YouTube videos, read the blogs, and call up Ypsomed to ask them your questions. I have even created ‘Ypsopumpers Australia’, a patient Facebook group for other users to discuss and share their personal experiences with the pump, so please feel free to join our community. I am still yet to see a negative YpsoPump review on my page, which is a real testament to the device!

All in all, the YpsoPump has genuinely had a huge impact on my diabetes management and daily life. It has been a dream come true with my busy schedule and has allowed me to focus on my career without too much hassle. The YpsoPump has immeasurably changed my life for the better and I would definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to balance their career with diabetes management.

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Please note: This patient testimonial relates to an account of an individual’s response to treatment. The account is genuine, typical and documented. The views and opinions expressed are those of the patient and not representative of Ypsomed or of any third parties referenced. The response other persons have to treatment could be different. Please consult with your healthcare professional as to whether this treatment is suitable for you.