Jasmine, one of Ypsomed Australia's bloggers

Year of birth: 1986

Location: Australia

Job: Paramedic

Hobbies: My job and professional training with my dogs

Diabetes since: 1992

Previous form of therapy: MDI, Medtronic veo, Cellnovo

Diabetes products: mylife YpsoPump, mylife Unio, Abbott FreeStyle Libre, MiaoMiao Reader

Her credo

Nothing is impossible – the word itself says “I’m possible”



On her facebook page, Jasmine gives you some insights in her everyday life as a person with diabetes and a dog lover.

Facebook Group - YpsoPumpers Australia

Jasmine created the facebook group "YpsoPumpers Australia", which is a group for mylife YpsoPump users and those who are thinking of becoming one, giving peer-support and sharing experience.


The following blog posts by Jasmine were commissioned by Ypsomed, as part of a patient education series on the mylife YpsoPump. This blog series chronicles her initial and ongoing experiences with the mylife YpsoPump.

A paramedic’s perspective

Jasmine's blog posts

I am a paramedic and have had type 1 diabetes since the age of six. My lifestyle is incredibly busy – I am constantly rushing around and have a very unpredictable schedule. I often work long 12–14 hour shifts where I do not have the chance to sit down and have a break, let alone eat. This can be mentally and physically demanding, especially when you throw diabetes management and hypoglycaemia into the mix.