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My experience with Freestyle Libre sensors

It has been just over a week since I’ve worn some sort of CGM or FreeStyle Libre sensor. And boy, what a long week it’s been.

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I’ve missed the safety net of knowing what was happening with my blood sugars in between finger pricks. Before such technology, I would often do 6 - 8 finger pricks a day. I had a habit of checking before I ate (which was quite frequent if you knew me!), before and after exercise, and whenever I felt “odd”. The convenience of being able to quickly check my phone for my sugar levels and trend, without stopping to do a finger prick, was invaluable. It’s also something I never realised had such a profound impact on my daily routine until I stopped regularly using sensors.

I am so grateful for the stash of Libre sensors that came with my YpsoPump start-up package - it was such a great and unexpected bonus to have. So now, of course, I’m trying to space out the use of the sensors so they can last until the expiry date. It is definitely also a relief to have a break from self-funding these sensors, as I was starting to rely too much on my credit card for things like this, which was not ideal.

Having the Libre as part of my diabetes management toolkit is a dream and reminds me of when I first started using an insulin pump. The slim profile makes it ideal to wear discreetly under clothes, and I wear it on my leg to avoid getting it punched on my arm during boxing.

My favourite thing about the Libre is the ability to use the Libre app on my phone, rather than having to carry around a separate device. The freedom to leave the house with just my phone and keys is incredible! I use my phone to check my sugar level and I can quickly use that to calculate my insulin dose and bolus for food.

I still make sure I do a finger prick in the morning and before bed, and I compare that with my Libre reading to make sure they’re similar. More often than not, the Libre has been accurate for me, although I know this is not the case for everyone.

My only wish is that diabetes technology such as CGM and flash glucose monitoring like the Libre were made more affordable to people with diabetes. It is such a game-changer for diabetes management, and it takes away so much of the mental and physical stress of living with a chronic condition that requires intensive oversight every single day. In Australia, we are slowly expanding the subsidy for this technology and there are many organisations, companies and individuals working incredibly hard to make this a reality for all of us. To all these people, thank you!

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