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The start of my journey with mylife YpsoPump

I have recently started using the mylife YpsoPump to manage my diabetes. So far, I have been impressed with both the pump itself and the support provided by Ypsomed.

When my Diabetes Nurse Educator first mentioned the mylife YpsoPump, I was keen to learn more about the pump with a funny name. The warranty of my Animas Vibe was ending and none of the pumps that were currently available for upgrade suited my lifestyle or my needs. They were either too big and bulky or elusive to get a hold of. Luckily an opportunity to trial mylife YpsoPump came up.

What I like about mylife YpsoPump so far

mylife YpsoPump starter kit
mylife YpsoPump starter kit

It’s been two months since I have started using mylife YpsoPump. The things I have been most impressed about is that it’s sleek, slim and sexy and it’s rare to say that about medical devices. mylife YpsoPump is also so ridiculously light that I barely even feel the pump ‘bungee jumps’. And there is less bulky waste with the mylife YpsoPump system, with most of it being recyclable. The non-recyclable waste goes into the sharps bin, which is still very compact. Considering how difficult it is to get sharps bins from the council, this has been a huge plus for me. It has also made travelling a whole lot more convenient!

Speaking of travel, I visited Singapore a week after I started on mylife YpsoPump, where I ran into an issue with switching time zones. As this was before the local Ypsomed Australia Customer Care team had been established, I got through to someone from the global Ypsomed team in Switzerland, who helped me troubleshoot my problem at 2 a.m. Swiss time. When I got home, my local mylife YpsoPump rep was also a huge saviour. I was able to send a photo of alarms I couldn’t decipher or explain over the phone, as everything on the pump is icon-based. Since then, they’ve developed a handy little carry card with information about all the alarms.

Finding out which app works for me

The biggest adjustment I needed to make with mylife YpsoPump was that the bolus wizard is on a separate phone app called the mylife App. I found the app to be quite slow to load, so I ended up switching back to using the mySugr app. While the mySugr app didn’t have the reports that my endocrinologist likes, it displays a summary of my data in a way that is meaningful and easy to read for me.

Ypsomed: a company that cares

After having the opportunity to meet the Australian and global Ypsomed teams recently at the official mylife YpsoPump launch, I’m feeling confident in my decision to stick with this nifty little pump. They have demonstrated that they’re a company who truly cares about improving the lives of people living with diabetes. Plus, I’m really excited for all the things that are in the pipeline!

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