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Another step in my mylife YpsoPump journey

A week ago I received my new Unio Neva meter in the mail (and by the way, I love the custom mylife Diabetescare washi tape!). Alongside the meter, there were some test strips, a bottle of control solution – which I have not seen in a long time – and a lifetime supply of lancets.

mylife Unio Neva Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems
mylife Unio Neva

One thing I love about the Unio Neva is its size. The meter is slightly smaller than the YpsoPump and a lot slimmer compared to the last meter I was using. The test strip tub moves away from the traditional old camera film cannister shape and is more of an oval, which fits into small bags a little more easily.

My favourite and most exciting feature about the Unio Neva is its Bluetooth connectivity to the mylife app. This means that all your blood sugars are automatically transferred to the mylife app and are ready for a bolus calculation, which may not seem like much, but it does make a huge difference!

However, you do need to have the app open for the sync process to take place. If you don’t, the meter will just store the data until the next time you have the app open and the meter nearby. I believe that the Unio Neva can connect up to three devices at a time, which may be handy for kids with diabetes and their parents.

A little meter with big strips

mylife Unio Neva and test strips
mylife Unio Neva and test strips

The test strips that come with the Unio Neva are the biggest strips I have ever seen, reminiscent of Lego pieces, with little grooves in the “handle”. They are super easy to handle and manage, especially as they click into the meter, which I’d imagine would be a huge plus for those with hand mobility difficulties. And they would certainly be easy to pick up from the ground if you ever decide to play “pick up 25” (the test strips come in a box with two containers of 25 test strips).

One disappointing feature of the Unio Neva, for me, is its lack of a port light. Coupled with a very specific way of inserting the test strip, it makes testing in the dark difficult. Also, the Unio Neva currently doesn’t sync with HealthKit, which does not really make it very interoperable with other apps.

Looking forward to more features

Despite the drawbacks I’ve mentioned, I do like the Unio Neva and think it has potential, particularly as I know the next step is the bi-directional feature, where the app can communicate with the YpsoPump so that you’ll be able to bolus directly from the mylife app. But I would really like to have a port light on the meter, so I sincerely hope that the team at Ypsomed will address this and I look forward to the next exciting release they have for us!

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