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Dealing with the real-life challenges of diabetes

In the past few months, I have experienced some of the frustrations that can happen when you live with diabetes. But they have been relatively easy to deal with, thanks to the features of the pump and the support from Ypsomed.

It’s been four months since I first started using the mylife YpsoPump system. The things that attracted me to the pump are still the things I love about it today it’s sleek, slim and sexy. And overall, it’s an intuitive system to use.

There are moments where I miss having the bolus wizard integrated into the pump, especially when I have no idea where my phone is. Each of these little steps, even like having the blood glucose meter integration with the app, will have a huge impact on making life with diabetes a little bit easier.

A brief moment of panic

The appearance of the reservoir
The appearance of the reservoir

Recently I had the biggest "diabetes fail" week I’ve had in a while. It started as I sat down for dinner after a long day. I realised I didn’t have enough insulin in my pump for my meal. Life has been a bit hectic recently, so I haven’t been as on top of my diabetes management as I normally am. As I was priming the line during the set change, I was struggling to see any drops of insulin from the infusion site connection.

Thinking I may have accidentally exited that step prematurely, I did it again. 20 units of insulin later and no insulin was coming through the line. I checked the window with the insulin reservoir to find it had flooded with insulin. I panicked at the thought of potentially having broken my pump and called the mylife YpsoPump hotline.

Ypsomed customer service to the rescue

The lovely Sarah at the other end of the phone reassured me that the reservoir area is all waterproof and walked me through the steps to dry it out. We worked out that the problem potentially lay in the adaptor connection, so it was an easy fix of refilling my reservoir and getting a new line. Done deal. Thank goodness for microwaves in these situations, to avoid cold dinners. Excited to tuck into my dinner (again), I bolused and 2 units in was met with an occlusion alarm. SERIOUSLY? Come on. I checked that all the connections were OK and that insulin was flowing through the line. So I guessed that the problem was the actual site itself I took it out and sure enough it was slightly bent.

Making life easier for mylife YpsoPump users

I share this frustrating story because stuff like this happens. This is real life with diabetes. But that’s why I am so grateful for the (lifesaving) waterproof features of the mylife YpsoPump, the amazing support from customer service, and the occlusion warning that potentially saved me hours of wondering why my blood sugars had skyrocketed. There is no perfect system out there, so it is reassuring that Ypsomed have fantastic support and safety net systems in place for their users.

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