Year of birth: 1989

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Job: Lecturer

Hobbies: Sports, trying new food places

Diabetes since: February 2009

Previous form of therapy: OHA'S > MDI > Animas Pump > mylife YpsoPump as well as diet and exercise

Diabetes products: mySugr, Accu-Check Guide Meter, mylife YpsoPump

Her credo

Happy Tummy // Happy Mind // Happy Life



Her Instagram account, hangrypancreas, gives you a glimpse of her life, as a proud melbournite, crazy cat lady and diabetes blogger.


In her popular blog, Bittersweet Diagnosis, in which she collects her thoughts, reflections and opinions about life with diabetes as a researcher, healthcare professional and person with diabetes.


The following blog posts by Ashley were commissioned by Ypsomed, as part of a patient education series on the mylife YpsoPump. She began trialling the mylife YpsoPump in April 2018. This blog series chronicles her initial and ongoing experiences with the mylife YpsoPump.

Dealing with the real-life challenges of diabetes

Ashley's blog posts

In the past few months, I have experienced some of the frustrations that can happen when you live with diabetes. But they have been relatively easy to deal with, thanks to the features of the pump and the support from Ypsomed.

The start of my journey with mylife YpsoPump

Ashley's blog posts

I have recently started using the mylife YpsoPump to manage my diabetes. So far, I have been impressed with both the pump itself and the support provided by Ypsomed.