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Year of birth: 1989

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Diabetes since: February 2009


Year of birth: 1996

Location: Sydney, Australia

Diabetes since: 2009


Year of birth: 1980

Location: Perth, Australia

Diabetes since: 1997


Year of birth: 1964

Location: Brisbane, Australia

Diabetes since: 1969

Latest posts

My experience with Freestyle Libre sensors

Ashley's blog posts

Having the Libre as part of my diabetes management toolkit has been wonderful.

Now – the mylife YpsoPump

The past and the present

Tori's blog posts

Since being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of four in 1969, I’ve managed my diabetes with a variety of treatments – all of which have changed considerably over the years.

The mylife YpsoPump has been everything I hoped for

Neil's blog posts

After being diagnosed at the age of 17, I’ve lived with Type 1 diabetes for over half my life. Despite my condition being a rollercoaster journey that has challenged me both physically and mentally, it hasn’t stopped me from doing what I’ve wanted to do.

The start of my journey

Klara's blog posts

I started using the mylife YpsoPump about six months ago, and it has been everything I hoped for.