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Her Credo:
Happiness doesn’t mean your life is perfect, it means you have the strength to look beyond the flaws.


His credo:
Don't let diabetes be your reason why not, make it part of your reason why!



Her credo:
Nothing is impossible – the word itself says “I’m possible”


His credo:
"The most important factor that helps me live well with type 1 diabetes is maintaining a positive attitude."


Her credo:
"I call myself the ‘Pin Cushion Princess’, helping others to understand life with diabetes."

Latest posts

Australian blogger Roslyn Harris

I started using the mylife YpsoPump about a year ago, and I have not looked back.

Roslyn's blog posts

Prior to starting on the YpsoPump, I was using a different pump that I was very unhappy with. I found it clunky and difficult to use – so my diabetes educator suggested the YpsoPump as an alternative. I decided to try it, not least because of its notably small size.

A busy worker’s perspective

Jasmine's blog posts

I am a shift worker and have had Type 1 diabetes since the age of six. My lifestyle is incredibly busy – I am constantly rushing around and have a very unpredictable schedule. I often work long 12–14 hour shifts where I do not have the chance to sit down and have a break, let alone eat. This can be mentally and physically demanding, especially when you throw diabetes management and hypoglycaemia into the mix.

My journey with diabetes

Rose's blog posts

Hello! My name is Rose, and I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes last year. I had been feeling sick and wasn’t eating much so it was good to finally find out why. Although I was only eight years old at the time, I have quickly learnt all about diabetes and how I can look after myself to stay healthy.

Brooke's blog posts

Living with type 1 diabetes can be challenging, particularly when it’s combined with a career and being a mother of two kids. Since my diagnosis at the age of three, the rigmaroles of blood glucose management and carbohydrate counting have nearly always been a part of my life. Over the years, I have navigated through these complexities with help from a variety of diabetes management techniques. From having type 1 diabetes in the era of insulin derived from pigs, it has been fantastic to witness these methods evolve and experience their effects, first-hand, on my quality of life.