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Ypsomed is excited to announce our new virtual learning series, ‘T1 Connects’, developed specifically for the needs of Australians with Type 1 diabetes. Join us via video chat to hear from a range of healthcare professionals, patients as they discuss various topics relevant to people living with Type 1 diabetes.

These sessions are being offered through Zoom to enable you to stay home during the Covid-19 pandemic while keeping up to date with your diabetes care and options.

The sessions are free to attend but registration is required. You can attend one or more sessions depending on what topics you’re interested in. Once you register, we’ll email you a Zoom link providing you with access to the entire series – joining is as simple as clicking on the web-link we provide. You don’t have to have a Zoom account.

Turning on your video is entirely optional! If you’d just like to listen in and watch our presenters, that’s absolutely fine. But if you’d prefer a bit more of the community feel, then show us your face and feel free to ask questions!

The first session in the series, ‘Type 1 Diabetes and Self Isolation will take place Tuesday 19th May. All sessions will go for about 45 minutes some time at the end for additional Q&A by the audience.

Times and dates for the T1 Connects series topics and the registration link for each session are detailed below:

Series Date and time (EST) Topic(s) and Registration Speaker (s) Host
Series #1 Tuesday 19th May at 8.00pm

Type 1 Diabetes and Self Isolation Let’s hear from our panel

Brigid Knight CDE
Frank Sita – Type 1 Writes WA
Ros Harris - Vic
Renza Scibilia
Series #2 Tuesday 2nd June at 8.00pm

Diabetes Burnout at a time like this. Making the right choices

Dr Christel Hendrieckx
Deputy Director ACBRD
Renza Scibilia
Series #3 Tuesday 16th June at 8.00pm

Exercise Tips and tricks during self- isolation

Dr Nicole Walker
Macintyre Health in QLD
Renza Scibilia
Series #4 Tuesday 30th June at 8.00pm

What is your choice?  Not one size fits all

“The Grumpy Pumper” UK
Cheryl Steele CDE
Renza Scibilia
Series #5 Tuesday 14th July at 8.00pm

Demystifying Pump Therapy. What is pump therapy and considerations on choosing a pump

Cheryl Steele CDE Renza Scibilia
Series #6 Tuesday 28th  July at 8.00pm

Introducing the mylife YpsoPump insulin pump system

Ypsomed Clinical Specialist  

If you have any additional questions, please email us on . We look forward to seeing you virtually & connecting with you online.

Your Ypsomed Team

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