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Listen to stories from, for and about people with diabetes. We are starting our own podcast: The Ypsomed India Team is happy to present “The Happy Moments” – our podcast from and for people with diabetes. Tune in to hear interesting stories from, for and about people with diabetes. Our goal is to create awareness and encouragement in order to live our life with joy and happiness – despite our illness.

Miridula Bhargava was diagnosed with diabetes 14 years ago. She lives in New Delhi and puts her heart and soul into helping young people with diabetes. This is only a short introduction on what you can expect from our podcast series “Happy Moments”. Encouraging stories from patients, psychologists or life coaches – there are no boundaries and we want to use this platform to connect with people with diabetes.

For people with diabetes

We want you to enjoy your life and we want you to not think about your diabetes too much: with this podcast series we want to give you some inspiration and advice on how to live a happy life and focus on the positives. Easily connect to likeminded people and find compassion and empathy – you can discreetly listen to the podcast at home or together with likeminded friends. Find feedback of experts and professionals from different parts of the globe, which can help you to find inspiration and advice on your diabetes.

Ypsomed helps diabetics

Not only do we want to bring the diabetes community together, we also provide you with some of the finest products to fight your diabetes and make your daily life with it simple and discreet. Our mylife YpsoPump insulin pump allows you to be in charge of your therapy and enables you to focus on the good things in life. Together we will be able to help you find your best therapy possible – we will be here for you throughout the whole process – from choosing a therapy suited to your needs to answering all of your questions and helping you understand what can be achieved together.

Tune in to “The Happy Moments” Podcast