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YpsoPump user gives birth to a healthy baby

Ms Shweta suffers from gestational diabetes and uses an YpsoPump. In September she gave birth to a healthy baby. This was the source of great joy for her family and a confirmation of the effectiveness of insulin pump therapy. We are proud to be able to help improve the lives of people with diabetes with our products and treatment options and make their lives more carefree.

Ms Shweta is a single mother and suffers from gestational diabetes. In September, she gave birth to a healthy baby – one month before the official due date. She has been using the mylife YpsoPump for six months. Our team in India supported her in switching to insulin pump therapy – although only virtually due to the coronavirus. Due to the current pandemic, Ypsomed cared for Ms Shweta exclusively on a virtual basis. In doing so, our specialists showed her how therapy with the YpsoPump will help her to better manage the disease and thus make her life easier. In addition to comprehensive training on the pump itself, they provided a wealth of everyday knowledge on how to manage diabetes.

In addition, Dr Arun Pandey attended to Ms Shweta throughout her pregnancy. The endocrinologist is also a qualified YpsoPump specialist who has been trained by our team to be able to provide his patients with expert support in the use of the YpsoPump. His expertise and dedication contributed significantly to the good outcome of Shweta’s pregnancy.

What is gestational diabetes?

Gestational diabetes is hyperglycaemia, in other words an increased blood glucose level of varying degrees, which is detected for the first time during pregnancy. The disease is often discovered too late and carries high risks for the mother and the unborn child. In particular, the risk of malformations and miscarriages is increased. However, if gestational diabetes is detected in time, complications for the mother as well as for the child can be avoided to a great extent through appropriate treatment. Treatment for confirmed gestational diabetes follows the same rules as for diabetes mellitus: intensive training, nutritional counselling and subsequent successful treatment are very important.

Ypsomed promotes therapeutic success

Success stories like this one show that we are on the right track with this form of holistic therapy and that we can establish ourselves in extraordinary times and difficult markets and help our patients. Ypsomed provides targeted support to customers and physicians in India to establish insulin pump therapy in this country, as less than one per cent of type 1 diabetics presently use an insulin pump.

We have been pursuing our vision for over 35 years: for self-treatment to become a matter of routine. Our insulin pump encompasses over 35 years of development experience. It focuses on the essentials and easy handling. Our current project. At present, we are expanding our pump in the Loop Programme to create a modular insulin pump system which further simplifies diabetes treatment with therapy management via the smartphone.