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Ms. Siya Randad has been living with diabetes for over seven years. Thanks to the mylife YpsoPump she got away from multiple daily injections and now enjoys more freedom and flexibility in her diabetes therapy. We asked her some questions about her life and her experiences – see for yourself.

Tell us about yourself and your childhood in Pune?

I was born and raised right in the centre of Pune and I have been living here for the last 15 years with my family. Growing up in a metropole is challenging and exciting at the same time, but I am happy to live here. After school I often hang out with my friends or I go to dancing classes to practise Bharatnatyam.

What has changed in your life since your diagnosis?

A lot has changed: I had some difficulties to adjust to my new lifestyle with my diabetes and the multiple daily injections I had to administer. My friends were asking about it and why I needed to do this several times a day. Fortunately, they were really supportive and so was my family. They supported me in any way possible and thanks to my dad who had connections to healthcare professionals I have also received the opportunity to change my form of therapy to the mylife YpsoPump insulin pump.

When did you start dancing? Did diabetes prevent you from dancing?

For me, dancing is expression, freedom and joy of life. Bharatnatyam is a famous dance practised in India and I have been doing it for over seven years. At first, I was sceptical about being able to continue dancing as I was before my diagnosis. But thanks to my new form of therapy with the mylife YpsoPump I feel way more comfortable doing what I love the most. 

Why did you choose our mylife YpsoPump?

The mylife YpsoPump is so easy to use. Diabetes therapy for me sounded like something really complicated, but the pump really simplified everything for me. I was able to try it out for a few weeks and I knew right on, that this is how I want my diabetes therapy to look like. All relevant data, such as glucose values, can be easily called up and the icon-based menu navigation via touchscreen enables simple handling.

How does our pump help you simplify your life?

The pump does not disturb in everyday life and does not attract any attention. I can go out with my friends and go to my dancing lessons without having to worry about my multiple daily injections I had to administer before. Big thanks to mylife Diabetescare India who gave me the opportunity to regain my confidence and focus on my life again.

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