mylife Unio

Inspired by users – designed for you

We asked diabetes patients what they consider to be the ideal blood glucose meter. Based on their requests and suggestions, we developed mylife Unio – a patient focused blood glucose monitoring system that meets user requirements. Inspired by users – designed for you.

Every detail is tailored to the demands of diabetes patients: a discreet and high quality blood glucose meter with an intuitive operation and a hygienic test strip handling, a lancing device with humane blood sampling – all combined in a compact and practical case. This makes mylife Unio the optimal companion every day, whether your patients are at home, at work or on-the-go.

The user feedback of an ongoing survey1 of more than 740 patients show that we meet user needs: The overall satisfaction with mylife Unio achieves 97 %. More than 93 % of those polled rate the application of the blood sample and the size of the meter of mylife Unio as "very good" or "good", the design of the meter and its reliability reach 98 % of confidence. About 93 % of the patients evaluate the almost painless pricking of the mylife AutoLance as "very good" or "good".

1 Survey Ypsomed GmbH, Patients using mylife Unio, Germany, 03.2016. Data on file.