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mylife Software report guide

Meaningful, simple and personalisable reports

Meaningful statistics and trend analyses for better treatment insights.


For an overview of key therapy statistics

  • The dashboard is mylife Software's homepage – showing an overview of trends in frequency of BG level tracking, average number of hypos per month, standard deviation and average blood glucose reading
  • Import data from therapy devices
  • Sync data with the mylife Cloud directly from the dashboard
  • For healthcare professionals, quickly toggle between patients using the drop down patient list
Overall view

The big picture

  • See all data entries in one report; basal and bolus insulin deliveries, manual and / or device entered blood glucose measurements, carbs and sport
  • Data can be reported acording to a series of different time periods as well as pre-set and customisable filter settings

All information, patient and healthcare professional notes, and data on key events

  • Log special events such as manual blood glucose measurements, sports, sickness, menstrual cycles etc.
  • Patients and healthcare professionals can enter notes in the logbook which can then be exchanged via the mylife Cloud
Standard day

24 hour blood glucose patterns

  • Show blood glucose results of the selected time period over the 24 hours of a day
  • Link readings with other measurements from that day and show corresponding logbook entries
  • View meaningful statistics such as average blood glucose results for the selected time period

View blood glucose distribution according to measurement and period of time

  • Review the distribution of blood glucose measurements according to target zones and time-of-day settings
  • Easy to read, colour coded graphs quickly expose distribution
  • Filter results to report data that is most meaningful to you
Insulin report

Report insulin quantity, basal to bolus and type of bolus

  • View a total daily breakdown of insulin delivered over a selected period of time – week by week
  • Basal / bolus delivery, a breakdown of meal and correction boluses as well as any bolus calculator overrides
Trend report

Identify trends – identify treatment opportunities

  • Compare two time periods of therapy data to expose relationships and help identify possible areas of improvement
  • Compare blood glucose values, average daily insulin use, as well as any suggested bolus calculator overrides
Pump settings

Back up and compare

  • Pump settings are stored in the mylife Software everytime you connect a pump, ensuring patients and healthcare professionals always have a back up of most recent pump settings in case of pump error
  • Insulin to carb ratio, insulin sensitivity factor, basal programmes as well as presets are all saved
  • Compare pump settings to see how therapy has altered over time