mylife Software overview

Therapy management made easy

Versatile data transfer for improved speed and flexibility

mylife Software simplifies the process of recording therapy data by collating therapy data in one easy and flexible solution.

  • Via cable or Bluetooth, depending on the device, data can be transferred directly to the mylife Software.
  • Patients can give healthcare professionals permission to access their therapy data through synchronisation with the mylife Cloud – enabling healthcare professionals access to a patient's most recent therapy data.

Intuitive, user-friendly design for ease of use

The mylife Software optimises user experience - menus, reports and settings are clear, user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Meaningful statistics and trend analyses for better treatment insights

Therapy data is presented in a range of graphs; blood glucose and insulin reports for detailed analysis and a trend report to help compare two periods of therapy. Furthermore, detailed therapy information can be stored in the logbook, and pump settings are backed up each time a pump is connected with the mylife Software.

Identical interface for patient and healthcare professional to simplify communication

There is one software for both patients and healthcare professionals. Therefore, treatment discussions are effortless as both parties can access identical graphs and statistics. This is particularly helpful when speaking over the phone. Thanks to a powerful patient administration feature, the software can be set to work in two modes, either for home use by one single patient or in the clinic for multiple patients.

Compatible with a range of diabetes devices to streamline therapy management

Multi-device compatibility ensures all diabetes data can be stored in one place. Data from the full range of mylife Diabetescare devices can be transferred to the mylife Software.

mylife YpsoPump
mylife OmniPod
mylife Unio
mylife Pura

Data from Freestyle®, Contour™, One Touch®, Accu-Chek®, mylife and Rightest™ GM meters can be transferred as well.

Disclaimer: Freestyle®, Contour™, One Touch®, Accu-Chek®, mylife and Rightest™ are trademarks of their respective registration holders.