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mylife Software

Diabetes therapy management solution

Intuitive and user friendly design for ease of use
The mylife Software optimises the user experience – menus, reports and settings are clear, user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Identical interface for all users to simplify communication
The interface looks the same for all users. No matter if you use the professional or private version. Therefore, treatment discussions are effortless as both parties can access identical graphs and statistics. This is particularly helpful when speaking over the phone.

Compatible with a range of devices for more flexibility
The mylife Software has been designed to work with the full range of mylife Diabetescare devices, and also with a wide range of other blood glucose meters.

Optional use of cloud service to match user preferences
The mylife Software is available with two different options. Users can decide if they want to install the mylife Software directly on their PC or if they want to access the mylife Software in the mylife Cloud.

Possibility of data sharing to simplify therapy management
The mylife Cloud offers the opportunity for health care professionals to invite their patients for data sharing. When patients share their data with their HCP, both are looking at the exact same information.

Device compatibility
The mylife Software has been designed not only to work with the full range of mylife Diabetescare devices; mylife YpsoPump, mylife OmniPod, mylife Unio and mylife Pura included, but also with a range of other blood glucose meters such as FreeStyle®, Contour™, OneTouch®, Accu-Chek®, and Rightest™ GM.

mylife App

Comprehensive data at your fingertips

Therapy management on-the-go

  • Simple wireless data transfer via Bluetooth to the mylife App
  • Integrated and easy-to-use bolus calculator with insulin on board function (IOB)
  • Display of last values including blood glucose value, bolus, basal rate and IOB for a discreet therapy overview
  • Possibility of manual data entry and mylife Cloud synchronisation
  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices

mylife Cloud

Easy, fast and secure

Thanks to the mylife Cloud, data synchronisation between health care professionals and patients is easier than ever. Health care professionals can invite their patients to share data directly from the mylife Software.

This allows health care professionals to synchronise patient data and to spend more time on therapy management during appointments.

The mylife Software offers users the choice to store therapy data either in the mylife Cloud or directly onto their personal computer. Your data, your choice.

Disclaimer: FreeStyle®, Contour™, OneTouch®, Accu-Chek® and Rightest™ are trademarks of their respective registration holders