Easy to use with side loaded test strip
and large display.

Measurement with mylife Pura & mylife Pura X

High convenience in measuring

Removing the test strip

1. Removing the test strip

Take the large and solid test strip out of its vial and close the box again.

Inserting test strip

2. Inserting test strip

The device activates automatically and recognises the strip code (Autocoding).

Extracting blood

3. Extracting blood

Prick your finger with the mylife Softlance lancing device.

Applying blood

4. Applying blood

Apply the blood from above onto the test strip. The channel absorbs up the blood sample while the blood sample window on the test strip shows the filling level.

Reading the measurement

5. Reading the measurement

Read the measurement on the LCD display.

Blood free test strip removal

6. Blood free test strip removal

Hygienic removal of the test strip without blood contact.

Lancet ejection

7. Lancet ejection

Clean lancet removal without blood contact.

In an external customer survey1, conducted in April and May 2015 in Germany, 83 % of the mylife test strip users are "extremely satisfied" to at least "satisfied" with the test strips and their handling. In fact, 29 % of users were "very satisfied" and a further 29 % "extremely satisfied". Positive remarks were made in particular about the size of the test strips, the rigidity as well as the application of the blood sample and the removal of the test strip without contact to blood. Based on the high and very high satisfaction values, the quality (size, material and stability) of the test strips and the application of the blood sample are regarded as the strengths of the mylife blood glucose test strips.

2hm & Associates GmbH: User survey on the acceptance of “mylife test strips and their handling” and “mylife AutoLance”, Mainz, 05.2015.