mylife Penfine Classic

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Premium quality features

Experience reliable comfort

Advanced quality medical cannula: the 4 mm and 6 mm pen needles have a super-fine 32G cannula. High precision 3-bevel and premium polished pen needle tip. 

Measurable quality and smooth injection: mylife Penfine Classic’s penetration and gliding forces show optimal characteristics.


Special silicone surface treatment with adhesive silicone which remains on the cannula.


External protective cap with good grip. Free tear-off tab allows the sealing peel-foil to be removed quickly and easily.

Structure of a pen needle

Äußere Schutzkappe

External protective cap

Sealing film

Inner protective cap


Needle hub


  • External protective cap with good grip
  • Free tear-off tab allows the sealing film to be removed quickly
  • Easy-to-remove inner protective cap
  • Needle hub with viewing windows for additional optical control

Select your preferred needle length

The mylife Penfine Classic pen needle is available in three different cannula sizes: 4 mm, 6 mm and 8 mm. A shorter pen needle is safer for children and slim adults, as it reduces the risk of intramuscular injection.2,3

Penfine Classic 4mm

4 mm
32G / 0.23 mm

Penfine Classic 6mm

6 mm
32G / 0.23 mm

Penfine Classic 8mm

8 mm
31G / 0.25 mm


2 Gibney et al: Skin and subcutaneous adipose layer thickness in adults with diabetes at sites used for insulin
   injections: Implications for needle length recommendations – Current Medical Research & Opinion Vol. 26, No. 6,
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3 Hirsch L. et al, Curr Med Res Opin 26 (6) 1519-1530, 2010.