Simple and comfortable —
with this needle
I have everything well in hand.

mylife Optifine

Fits all major brands of injection pen

For everyone who needs a little more security

Cannula mount with viewing windows

Cannula mount with viewing windows for additional optical control. Special silicone surface treatment and triple facet bevel for maximum injection comfort.

Easy-to-remove inner protective cap.

Easy-to-remove inner protective cap.

External protective cap

External protective cap with good grip. Free tear-off tab allows the sealing flm to be removed quickly.

Types and product range

The mylife Optifine is available in 4 lengths. You will certainly find the length which works best for your individual needs.

Pen needle

Cannula diameter

Cannula length

mylife Optifine 6 0.25mm 6mm
mylife Optifine 8 0.25mm 8mm
mylife Optifine 10 0.33mm 10mm
mylife Optifine 12 0.33mm 12mm
mylife™ Optifine®