Enjoy simplicity

mylife YpsoPump

Discover an insulin pump which focuses on the essentials. Thanks to its icon-based menu and the modern touch screen, the mylife YpsoPump is extremely easy and intuitive to operate. In addition, the compact and lightweight design makes it a discreet companion in everyday situations.

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Freedom of choice

mylife YpsoPump Reservoir

The mylife YpsoPump Reservoir has been developed to give you the flexibility to use your insulin of choice.

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Enjoy freedom

mylife OmniPod

Discover the tubing free insulin patch pump mylife OmniPod. The Pod is directly attached onto the skin and there is no tubing between the Pod and the Personal Diabetes Manager (PDM), which provides more freedom to pump users in daily life.

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Enjoy flexibility

mylife Orbit

Enjoy more flexibility with the mylife Orbit infusion set and its 360° freely rotating tubing connection. The unique solution for active people.

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